February 7: Absolute Beginners Lesson @ Hotel Arizona in Tucson

Come fall in love with Tango - for the first time, or all over again.

Scott and Jackie will be hosting an Absolute Beginner's Lesson on Saturday, February 7, 2009 at:

The Hotel Arizona
181 W. Broadway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ
Following the lesson, DJs Jackie and Rusty will trade tandas in an EPIC BATTLE of the SEXES. Come enjoy beautiful Golden Age music, along with a few contemporary favorites.
Lesson @ 7:30pm
Milonga @ 8:30pm
Entrace is $5 (for both the Class and the Milonga)
Please support our host and our bartenders!!

Contacting Scott and Jacqueline

Contact Information

For bookings and lessons, email Scott and Jacqueline at:


Or call us:

(480) 242 7435

(c) Andrew Butterworth, October 2008

Promotional Pictures!

A new set of pictures...

(c) Andrew Butterworth, October 2008

July 2008 Performance - Parts 1 and 2

Another improvised performance for ASU Barrett Honors College Summer Scholars Program.

Part 1:

"Zum" - Osvaldo Pugliese

Part 2:

"Alla Luce Dal Sole" - Josh Groban

June 2008 Performance

An improvised performance for the ASU Barrett Honors College Summer Scholars program.

"Tangocrisis" - Tanghetto
"Habaneandos" - Korey Ireland